GMP-compliant manufacturing

Our ACE Platform also possesses robust in-house manufacturing capability that is compliant with international GMP standards regulated by the NMPA, the FDA and the EMA. which allows us to quickly scale up or switch production between various drug candidates with minimal turnaround time and lower operating cost. 

Manufacturing Facilities
Zhongshan Manufacturing Facility

Our Zhongshan manufacturing facility occupies approximately 3,200 square meters of floor space and currently features 1,700 L of bioreactor capacity. It is estimated to house a total of 3,700 L capacity, as we are in the process of integrating two additional 1,000 L bioreactors to meet our increasing production needs.

Guangzhou Manufacturing Facility

We are building a new manufacturing facility in Guangzhou on a piece of land of 56,573 square meters that is estimated to house up to a total of 40,000 L bioreactor capacity. This includes the first phase of the construction on this land featuring up to eight 2,000 L bioreactors for a total capacity of 16,000 L, which we expect completion of installation and commencement of operation by the end of 2020